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How to remove Plagiarism from your Dissertation

Research writing also brings many challenges for the research scholars. One of the most ethical practices that are point of concern of the academia is unlawful practice of plagiarizing from the work of someone else. Or in simpler terms, it is all about taking credit for someone else’s work. It is therefore imperative to produce the research work that is fraught with any copy pasting or is taking undue credit for any idea or experiment. This is why, plagiarism is considered an unethical and a grave issue at the present times. In the academic journals and research archives the repetition of ideas and retraction of the previous literature is becoming a grave problem.  

Hence, the most significant challenge for a research writer is drawing from the established ideas and values and sprinkling it with the pertinent and new ideas and information. This needs to be done to avoid the trap of plagiarism in the research. However, before leaping to the methods of removing plagiarism let’s enlist the type of plagiarisms;

  1. Rewriting your own work without citing
  2. Copy Pasting
  3. Inappropriate citations
  4. Replacing a few words to make it look different
  5. Citing unreal sources

Following are the effective methods of removing plagiarism from your dissertation;

  • Paraphrasing Authentically

To avoid getting entrapped in the quagmire of plagiarism, it is important to understand the context. Thus, to remove plagiarism, one must not copy paste directly rather the work of the author should be reproduced by appropriately and authentically paraphrasing. Thus, to paraphrase authentically, it is important to understand the ideas presented by the reference paper and to cite that reference properly.  

  • Quoting Appropriately    

If you are directly putting someone else’s word in your paper and you don’t want it to be identified it as plagiarism then it is important to quote it properly with citing the reference. For quoting, quotation marks are used with correct citation and page number from which words are copied.  

  • Identifying what need and what does not need to be cited

It is important that if any idea is taken from any other source or paper, it must be cited. Even if any idea is taken from any previous paper you have written it must also be cited. If you do not cite from previous paper it is known as self-plagiarism. However, if you produce the results from any scientific tests it should not be cited. Thus, to remove plagiarism from your dissertation it is important to cite where its is required. Also, it is important to cite every single source   

  • Using Plagiarism Checker

After completing you Dissertation, run it through plagiarism checker software’s, like Turnitin or etBLAST, they will identify all the portions that are identified with other researches, one can remove, paraphrase or cite those parts of the Dissertation to remove plagiarism from your dissertation.  

  • Caution: Avoid Using Paraphrasing Software’s

If you want your dissertation to be plagiarism free never use a paraphrasing software it will only change a few words leading to the charge of plagiarizing.

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