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7 Steps to Write a Superb English Essay

The only thing standing between you and your future to get into a dream college or getting scholarship award is a major essay written on an intended topic.

Essay writing is mostly dreaded by everyone, it can be a school assignment or whatever, and all that really matters is the need to be completed as soon as possible. We know that the best essay writing services require determination and most of all strategy, the reason most people find it cumbersome and hard to deal.

Step by Step process to write an English Essay

Remember to pick a topic

First and foremost, every essay requires a topic, either a formulated one or an assigned one. You should think of the general overview or outlook of the whole essay and if possible narrow ideas down, so as to make it easier.

Formulating your own topic requires a little bit of hard work and research, think about what you like? What interests you? And much more, remember! Always jot everything down.

Prepare an outline or diagram of ideas

Organization of thoughts and ideas are really important when developing the best essay. It involves putting all your thoughts down on paper which helps in building the whole foundation and guidance to write an essay.

Coming up with a diagram involves writing the main topic down in the middle of page branching out various sub-topics so when you finally get on the essay it will be a lot easier because of the organization.

Development of a thesis statement

You’ve picked a topic and jotted down thoughts and ideas’, creating a thesis statement involves informing readers the whole point of view relating to your essay.

The section has two parts, the topic, and the whole essay’s point. However, this might require much thought and consideration so as to make it perfect.

Write the body

You can use the explanation, description, argumentative or the definition writing style, the ideas jotted down will help formulate the paragraphs of an essay. The introduction of the body paragraph comprises of the main idea followed by a more detailed explanation and information related to the main topic.

Write the introduction

After formulating thesis and the essay’s body, now is the turn for the introductory part. It should be very captivating so as to draw the reader’s attention to your essay, telling a story or a shocking tale. Just remember to match introduction and the thesis statement.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion sums up the whole essay information and ideas while giving you an overview and perspective on the topic. It should be short with about three to five lines and a bit of reinforcement in relation to your thesis statement.

Check you essay before submission

Completing the conclusion doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve finished the whole essay. Check out small details like the arrangement of paragraphs in relation to your strongest and weakest points and it has to be in order. If it is a descriptive essay, take the time by illustrating the process step by step.

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